Art Gallery Website Redesign

A hypothetical site redesign.

This project included a complete redesign of a site. A detailed project proposal for our redesign was created and then the project followed all the steps needed for a thorough designing of a site, resulting in a high-fidelity prototype.

The redesign started with a mining of the information architecture of the impoverished site and a remapping of its content. It included user scenarios, content strategies and wireframes.

The next step in the process was user experience prototyping ranging from low fidelity, to medium fidelity with cognitive walkthroughs, and then high fidelity heuristic evaluations and reports.

This was a redesign of a site from the ground up: from its information architecture to user experience testing to final interface design. Along the way all the expected user tests occured in the appropriate places, and all the suggested improvements were implemented, into what is now hopefully a very smooth and elegant user experience.


Audience Profiles

Task Flowchart

High-Fidelity User Profile

Click here to download the project proposal.

Click here to visit the high-fideliy prototype. You can read the task scenario and follow along.