A hypothetical restaurant's desktop to mobile site design.

The lambda project was a desktop to mobile phone design using artboards, guide layouts, smart objects and alignment.

One of the main components was to observe the layer structure of the provided desktop design, do not deviate from it.

To create the mobile version I used my knowledge in UX and UI to implement an effective and usable mobile version.

For the mobile I designed a nested navigation system (hamburger menu), and created an additional folder with layers to show what the fly-out menu will look like.

The steps of what I did.

The original site as given to me.

My translation of the original into a mobile site. Please notice the details specific to mobile use.

The hamburger dropdown menu created specifically for the mobile site.

The use and understanding of Art Boards in Photoshop.

Impeccable layer and group management. The mobile site contains the exact same layer structure as the desktop version.