Perspectives Quarterly Magazine

Graphic Design.

The objective of this project was to create a magazine that chooses one topic per issue, which combines critical essays and thought provoking imagery surrounding theme of that month.

In this issue the theme is “Small” and the goal is to look at the various incarnations of the idea of small, and the larger ideas this word can create.

The target audience is in their mid twenties and up, educated, and interested in longer essay form articles.

A hypothetical reader would be a female in her mid 30s who is working at a career in a creative industry, she has received a Masters degree, and is likes the magazine because it gives her inspiration for her work. Another potential audience would be a male or female in their late 40s to 50s, a university professor who is an avid reader and enjoys the varied subject matter and critical thinking.

The editor of this magazine would be MIT press, with articles delving into science, philosophy, and culture.

The key message of this magazine is that it is a hybrid of ideas and subject matter. It takes a word as simple as small and presents ideas and articles ranging from mathematics to natural order to space to philosophy. Alongside the essays is equally diverse and poignant visual imagery and design.