Photo-correction App - Online Video.

For beautify we were given the project of creating a promotional online video for a fictitious company. My partner and I chose a photo correction app called Beautify.

Feel the breeze. See the ocean so well you hear it lapping at the rocks. Children playing. Don’t miss it. The moment is now, the moment is here. Make your memories real, make your memories sing. Feel it. Feel the waves crash. Feel the sun. See the breeze. Remember the real moments.

When we set out on the project, we knew we wanted to create a video that had a calmness and tranquility to it, as well as beautiful imagery that would bring a sense of ease and peace to the viewer.

Because of both of our artistic sensibilities, we knew we wanted to use an indirect advertising approach, and start conceptually with a beautiful video.

We want the audience to enjoy and emote to what they are watching first, and then as a result, be interested in the product that is being advertised.

When we came up with the concept we had the primary users of photo apps in mind: those who post often on social media, and like to share their experiences.

We want the viewer to feel a sense of wanderlust. We want them to watch the video and be compelled to go and find their own adventures, capture their experiences, and use the app to make it all look a bit better.