Emotional Intensity

Graphic Design.

The starting off point of this piece was to link something that has very elusive boundaries such as emotions with the very methodical and conclusive concept of the infographic.

Something that really interests me and informs my design work is creating a connection to our human experience- our sentience and feeling. When we look at something digital it can tend to feel a bit far removed from our mental and emotional experience, leaving a feeling of being somewhat structured and cold.

I like to leave the viewer with a little bit more to take away with them, another level of relatability. As digital aspects infiltrate our lives more and more I think this is the more interesting direction to go in. As a consumer or audience we crave something more as it gets closer to the human experience.

This piece was a juxtaposition between a very human phenomena, emotional intensity, and piecing it out in an informative way, and creating a somewhat logic to the somewhat illogical.

It was created all in illustrator choosing visual metaphors for the extremes of emotionality, from icons found in nature, the mountain and the uphill climb, the rocky chasm, and then also incorporating man made and technological and machinery elements – the elevator going from 0 to 100 to the deepest basement level of -99.

The graphic design style was simplistic and somewhat against what is very normative and trendy right now. I wanted to create something that people aren’t used to seeing all over the place with some reference to a bygone era in graphic design.

I was visually referencing a time when graphic design included a lot of actual cutting and pasting and the lay out was much simpler and different from those today. Perhaps more straightforward methods were used to create affect, such as a diagonal line of text or a swirling curve.

So this again creates a juxtaposition for the viewer, an intersectionality, between the level we are at now in digital composition and where we were before, or how we used to do it before computers gained strength, which again lends to incorporating aspects of humanity and history into the design.

One of the most important facets of my work or style is that I do tend to go for a subject matter or creation of design that incorporates as much human relatability as possible so that the viewer or user will get that extra level to be affected by or take with them from their experience.