kathryn mcmahon

Digital Designer.


Kathryn McMahon is a digital designer who focuses on graphic, interactive, UX, UI, photography and video design. She received her certificate from BCIT in New Media Design and Web Development in April of 2018.

Her love of expressing ideas and creating feelings in the viewer through design precedes her certificate from BCIT. She has a background in visual communication and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography and cinema from Concordia University. There she specialized in full room photographic and video installation. She used image, sound and specific co-ordinates to create emotional response in the viewer. Immersing them in the space, she created full environmental designs.

She now is able to translate these skills into all digital mediums.

In her spare time she enjoys quilting to explore the idea of design and storytelling through the process of arranging fabrics and pattern. She thoroughly enjoys the tactile output of this artistic design practice: it is aesthetically beautiful and leaves the end user with a warm and embracing experience.


A brief overview. Click on the title for more information on the project and ideation process.

Emotional Intensity

Graphic Design.

An infographic on emotional intensity, something that is very human and organic and that has no real tangible or concise borders or causes and effects. How do you visually break down such an elusive state?


Online Promotional Video.

Feel the breeze. See the ocean so well you hear it lapping at the rocks. Children playing. Don’t miss it. The moment is now, the moment is here. Make your memories real, make your memories sing. Feel it. Feel the waves crash. Feel the sun. See the breeze. Remember the real moments.

Perspectives Quarterly Magazine

Graphic Design.

Taking a word as simple as small and presenting ideas and articles ranging from mathematics to natural order to space to philosophy. The key message of this magazine is a hybrid of ideas and subject matter. The imagery and design is equally diverse and poignant.


Mobile site design.

A desktop to mobile design using artboards, guide layouts, smart objects and alignment. To create the mobile version I used my knowledge in UX and UI pertaining to handheld devices to implement this effective and usable mobile version.

Art Gallery Website Redesign

Site redesign.

A redesign of a site to address and rethink its problematic elements and to create an easier and more harmonious experience for the user. We addressed its information architecture to user experience testing to final interface design. Along the way low fidelity, medium fidelity and high fidelity user testing took place, and results were implemented into what is now a smoother and more elegant user experience.

Film Festival Posters

Graphic Design.

Global Storytelling: An Environmental Film Festival is a series of critically engaged films discussing the past, present and future of the world around us. This project is a three piece poster series to advertise a curation of films that will open your eyes: films that make you wonder, films that tell a story and films that make you think.